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Friday, 15 June 2018

Top actresses Juliet Ibrahim and Nkechi Sunday severely slam each other on social media

Juliet Ibrahim and an upcoming actress named Nkechi Sunday recently fought on social media. It started when Juliet gave Nkechi what she called constructive criticism.
Nkechi wasn’t having it. Instead she retorted, calling Juliet an idiot Juliet Ibrahim and Nkechi Sunday recently engaged in a show of shame on social media. The actresses’ severely insulted each other on Instagram.

It all started when Nkechi posted a video showing her acting a scene with popular actor and comedian Woli Arole. Arole had slapped her in that scene and because the slap was too painful, she asked the director to cut the scene.

Apparently, Juliet Ibrahim had an issue with Nkechi cutting the scene. She wrote in the comment section of the page that professionalism meant that Nkechi should have carried on with the scene.

Nkechi wasn’t happy with that comment and she called Juliet an idiot. The Ghanaian actress was not going to allow such an insult go unanswered and she went ahead to school Nkechi on how she is not her mate and that she deserved that slap.

See a screenshot of their exchange below:

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One would think that the two actresses will sheath their swords but no, they continued to fight dirty calling each other uncouth names.

See another screenshot of their fight below: 

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