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Monday, 27 February 2017

What a teachers did to two 5-year-old girls as punishment for ripping paper (photos)

- Two children bound and gagged by their teachers as punishment for ripping papers have appeared on the internet
- The photos of the punished children were taken by a third teacher who showed it to the parents of the kids

- The father of one of the girls says that he will sue the school and the teachers for their actions
These shocking photos from Surin, Thailand, capture the moment two five year old girls were punished for ripping papers in a creepy way by their teachers.

The punishment the teachers came up with was to have the hands and legs of the children taped together and then have tape put over their eyes.
A third teacher took pictures of the punished children and showed it to their parents. The parents were shocked when they saw the images.
The father of one of the girls: “The teacher who gave me the pictures told me that the other teachers had punished my daughter and friend by strapping their hands together then he blindfolded them.”

Teachers blindfold and tie up two 5-year-old girls as punishment for ripping paper (photos)
He adds: “We think that another girl was hit but we don’t have a picture of this. The children were just playing with the paper and they ripped it. The teachers said they had done something wrong and punished them like this.”
He said: “They said “close your eyes” and then they put white paper and blue Scotch tape to cover their eyes. Then another layer and bound their hands together. The teacher who found them said the girls were crying, trembling and sobbing terribly. I fear that I will have to send to the police.”

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