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Thursday, 10 November 2016

Trump meets Obama at White House

President Barack Obama hosted a triumphant Donald Trump in the Oval Office Thursday for talks on executing a smooth transition of power and steadying nerves after a vote that shocked the world.

Court grants Fani-Kayode N50m bail

A Federal High Court in Abuja on Thursday granted bail to a former Minister of Aviation, Mr. Femi Fani- Kayode, in the sum of N50m after he was arraigned on five counts of N26m fraud.

EFCC raids BDC operators for dollar sales above N400

Bureau de Change operators have been forced to fix sales of foreign currencies such as dollar, pounds and euros for fear of sanctions by anti-graft agencies and the Central Bank of Nigeria.

Resign And Join Police, Dakuku Tells Wike ...Accuses Gov. of Running Most Deceitful Gov't

With Governor Nyesom Wike becoming increasingly restless and desperate to investigate, try and jail alleged printers of fake INEC documents all by himself, the Rivers state governor has been told to resign and join the

5 Reasons Every Nigerian Students Should Join LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the most popular social networks in the world. Due to this, many Nigerians think that LinkedIn is only for professionals which is actually wrong. Fine, it is for professionals but any young and ambitious student who is looking to network and reach out to persons in their industry should belong to this professional network. So, why should students use LinkedIn? We gather five reasons.
Allow people to know who you are
Since you are not yet out of school, it may be difficult for you to meet people in your network or connect with a potential partner.
LinkedIn gives you unhindered access. You simply create a profile and add people who are related to your career path or what you are studying. They can even hire you after graduation.
Grow your network
With LinkedIn, you can easily grow your network. You can start with your school colleagues, lecturers and even alumni of your school. These individuals will come handy when you are job hunting in a country like Nigeria where job opportunities are limited.
Access to industry leaders
Many of these thought leaders are difficult to connect especially when you attend a seminar. But LinkedIn gives you prospects to learn from business leaders who are well ahead of you. You can even be lucky they may respond to your inquiries. On key point to achieve this is to use a professional picture.
Stay Ahead of others
Rather than building your network when you graduate, LinkedIn is the perfect place to start from. You will be different from others who may run after these leaders when they graduate. With the relationship you have built on LinkedIn, you can use to your advantage to get freelance jobs and perhaps get you employed.
Know to prospective employers
Besides having an online presence, potential employers will know you. Jumia Travel advises that you should make your profile attractive to these potentials employers.

5 Certain Ways To Bounce Back From A Social Media Tragedy

Social media can either make or mar businesses, individuals and even celebrities. This is why these individuals and institutions have guidelines to strictly follow when sharing engaging contents on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram among other social media platforms.
But since it’s humans manage the accounts, they are prone to mistakes. Making social media mistakes can be forgiven but the way it is handled is what is key here. So, what do you do if your organization shares a wrong or divisive social media content? Jumia travel gathers 5 things you can do to overcome a social media crisis.
Don’t hide mistakes
One way to exacerbate a social media mistake is by hiding it and act as if there was no mistake at all. In other words, your social media manager ignores it. Damage control should be the ultimate after such an error. You can do this by apologizing or admitting your mistake. Importantly, ensure you correct the mistakes in another post or tweet.
Review automated post
Most brand line up social media contents for it to be posted in the future. Sometimes, the content of these posts may not be relevant to the current situation. And it is already live. To prevent this tragedy from happening again, it is advisable to always or intermittently review automated posts.
Rebuild your image
Social media can damage your image and at the same time rebuild your image. So, don’t neglect your image after a social media disaster. You can float a campaign whereby your followers will win gifts or amazing discounts. This may take time but it actually works.
Establish a social media policy
If you don’t a social media policy and if you just suffered a social media disaster, you should introduce it in your organization. The policy will ensure that your organization is flawlessly represented online. In addition, the policy will spell the rules and regulations for posting content.
Avoid thoughtless reaction
A thoughtless reaction will ultimately worsen your social media mistake. It is better to just keep quiet if you have knee-jerk response. But if you are serious about resolving the crisis, ensure that you have a response that is crisp, impeccable and straight to the point!

US ELECTION RESULTS: HOW TRUMP WON .…Republicans Retain Control Of Congress

Donald Trump has pledged to be a president “for all Americans” after being elected president of the United States, capturing crucial victories over Hillary Clinton in a remarkable show of strength.
The president-elect addressed supporters at his victory party in New York City after his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton called him to concede.
The Republican confounded pre-election polls by taking a series of key battleground states, including Florida, Ohio, and North Carolina, before stunningly carrying Pennsylvania, a state that had not backed a Republican for president since 1988.
The celebrity businessman clinched victory after capturing Wisconsin’s 10 electoral votes, putting him over the 270 threshold.
Mr Trump will govern with a Congress fully under Republican control. The GOP fended off a Democratic challenge in the Senate and the party also extended its grip on the House.
Our final prediction had Hillary Clinton on 206 strong or leaning electoral college votes, while Trump was on 164. This left 168 up for grabs in swing states, meaning the race was well and truly open.
A candidate needs to secure 270 out of 538 electoral college votes in order to win the presidency. They claim these by winning individual states that each award a certain number of votes. States with more people have more electoral college votes.
Presidential results maps
The electoral map is important. Each state is worth a certain number of electoral college votes, so Trump and Clinton need to build a coalition of states to reach the magic number of 270.
We will fill our maps in as the results are announced.
Our chart below sizes each state by their number of electoral college votes, showing how the big states have the power to tilt the election.
Probable results on our maps are based on voting counts that are currently ongoing and are not final. We are showing the candidate that looks most likely to win that state.
The key states in the election
Swing states with a lot of electoral votes to distribute, such as Florida and Ohio, have been targetted a lot by Clinton and Trump in recent weeks. How they end up voting will have a lot of influence on the final result.
States like Arizona, Florida, North Carolina, Ohio and Virginia have the power to swing the election. So far, neither Trump nor Clinton has a significant lead in these crucial states.
Demographics could be of importance here. Polling has revealed a country divided down demographic lines . A country where men and whites tend to back Trump, while women and ethnic minorities flock to the Democrat’s candidate.
How these demographics are distributed among key states may be essential.
Trump has triumphed in Ohio. This reliable bellwether state is worth a very handy 18 electoral college votes but it’s claim to fame is that it is the only one to have backed the successful presidential candidate in every election since 1964.
As such its result is seen as being very significant when determining the outcome of the race nationwide, with polling in Ohio was showing Trump marginally ahead of Clinton at the start of November. Situated on the Great Lakes, it is the seventh most populous state in the country.
Minority ethnic voters hold less sway here, with 83 per cent of the population being white according to the 2010 census compared to 72 per cent across the US as a whole.
Trump has won Florida’s vote for the 2016 presidency, marginally ahead of Clinton. Florida has been one of the hardest to call swing states in this election with the margins between the two candidates in recent polling being too close to call.
A week before the big day, polls were showing that Trump had taken a slight lead in the battle to take the state’s 29 electoral college votes. Florida is at once the oldest and one of the most racially diverse in America, and its voting in the past five presidential races has followed the result of the country as a whole.
Both candidates have had multiple campaign stops here in recent weeks. The state played a pivotal role in the 2000 election, when out of more than 5.8 million votes Bush beat Gore by 537 votes to claim all of its electoral college votes.
Clinton has triumphed in Virginia. Although not quite the boost that a state the size of Florida would give, Virginia’s 13 electoral college votes will be very handy addition for Clinton. Prior to Obama’s victory in 2008, Virginia had been a red state for the past forty years.
Nowadays, one in five of its people are black or African American, part of an increasingly moderate population based in its urban areas.
This shifting of demographics meant that the state was expected to stay Democrat this time around, with polls showing Clinton eight points clear of Trump at the end of October. Situated on the Atlantic coast, Virginia was the first colonial possession established in British America.
North Carolina’s voters have chosen Trump as their preferred presidential candidate. This result will be a blow for Clinton as North Carolina has been one of the toughest states to call in this election. Its 15 electoral college votes means that it is a valuable prize in the race to that all important 270 mark.
North Carolina was highly coveted this year with the candidates making multiple campaign stops there in the fortnight leading up to election day.
While Obama won it in 2008 with the assistance of demographic shifts and liberal urban areas, Romney managed to claim it for the Republicans in 2012 – the only swing state Obama lost in the last presidential election. This southeastern state is the ninth most populous in America and has a lower white population, at 64 per cent, than the average state.
Which states did Trump swing from Obama?
There are at least three states that swung from Obama in 2012 to Trump in 2016: Florida, Ohio and Iowa. All of these were essential battlegrounds that both candidates canvassed hard.
Congressional elections
The Senate and the House of Representatives, the two chambers that comprise America’s legislature, also have elections . Both of these chambers are currently in Republican hands.
Senators will be elected in 34 states with the Democrats having a strong chance of taking a majority in the chamber provided Hillary Clinton is voted in as President.
The House of Representatives is held more firmly in Republican hands with their majority of 59 looking very difficult to overturn. All 435 seats in the House are up for re-election

5 Cheap Ways To Get Your Small Business Noticed On The Internet

Small businesses are very difficult to get noticed especially in this digital world. The internet space is dominated by the Blue chip businesses who spend millions to run adverts and promote their businesses. Despite this, there are other affordable, less complicated and inexpensive ways you can get your business noticed online. Jumia Travel shares five strategies.
Use social media
To open a social media account is free. You just need a smartphone and data. So, no matter the business you are running, ensure that you have a social media account. Nice pictures for Instagram, engaging tweets on twitter and share interesting posts on Facebook. You can even pay as less as 2 dollars to promote your business online.
Don’t purchase backlinks
Most times, links are used to influence your SEO rankings. The more the links, the more your Google ranking. So, avoid purchasing backlink. You should rather focus on building your business gradually and have a good relationship with reputable websites.
Build your own website
There are now affordable ways to build websites. There are thousands of tools which you can use. Hence, try as much as possible to make your website look good even if it is free. If you don't want a website, ensure you make good use of social media.
Don’t neglect Instagram
The focus of small business owners is mostly on Facebook and Twitter. However, today, you cannot do without Instagram because it has over 300 million users. So, if you own a makeup business, you can experiment with Instagram by snapping whoever you made up and post it on Instagram. Their feedback is important for you to improve.
Create unique content
Organizations today now have blogs to market their services. They share their blogs on social media where you can get traction. Small businesses can also take advantage of this. Importantly, the content must be unique.

Video: Suspect in fake INEC result sheet printing in Rivers confesses

One of the suspects in the fake INEC results sheets printing in Rivers which were allegedly planned to be used to rig elections in the state's re-run elections, Naneh Godday, has opened up on what he knows about the whole issue.
Godday, a graphics designer, said he did not know if he was committing an offense since he was only doing his job as a graphics designer. He said, although he asked his employer about the legality of them having original INEC result sheets in their possession, he however continued with his duty when his boss gave him the assurance that they were on legal stand in handling the materials.
Click on the link below to watch video https://web.facebook.com/olutoyosi.omotoso/videos/10210571249975443/

Peter Fabian's TV : Fate of Destiny


Another Upcoming Movie. Love Empire Production cooking another captivating movie. Coming soon.

7 foods you must eat to last long in bed with your wife

Pick 10 men at random and ask them if they want to be able to last longer in bed, chances are at least 8 of them would say YES. Premature ejaculation is a very common problem among men of every age but it is something that is not discussed. And face it, who would want other people to know that they cannot fulfill their partner’s sexual desires?. Never fear though, there are ways to last longer in bed guaranteed. I will be discussing with you 7 Foods You Must Eat to Last 25+ Min In Bed With Any Woman. These foods are so easy to find NOTE: This foods are not enough to restores your sexual powers but Using The Mascum Herbal Pride will help you restore your sexual powers. If you click Here, I will reveal to you everything about the Mascum Herbal Pride and how you can get it. So chances are if you are reading this you are a sufferer of premature ejaculation. Well before we get into the natural food for sexual stamina you must first ask yourself, Why Do I Even Need to Last Long In Bed?

Well Being able to last long in bed will make you appear more attractive to women, it will make you better sexually and you will feel more powerful, masculine and attractive. Think about this. Ejaculating too quickly means women don’t fully enjoy sex with you. Other men out there are better than you, and it doesn’t have to be that way. Learn The Act of love making and start Lasting longer than 25min in bed Click Here. The Mascum Herbal Pride will Help you restore your sexual powers.

1. Bananas
Having sex can require energy, which is why eating banana a couple of hours before the act is good. Bananas help replenish low levels of glucose in your body and have male libido enhancing minerals and enzymes making you ready for a steamy night of passion. Not only this, they also help regulate serotonin which is hormone that enhances your mood. Does Your Woman Scream Your Name When Having Sex With You? If No Make It Happen Tonight. With Just 1 single Natural solution Its Fun and the Experience is Superb.

2. Fish

Fish is a food item that enhances sex life in both men and women. Arginine, a nutrient present in certain types of fish helps in the production of citric acid in the body. This acid helps expand the blood vessels near the genital areas which is extremely helpful in making you last longer. Fish also contains zinc which is extremely vital for men as even a moderate deficiency can lead to a reduced sperm count. Most men suffer from Weak Erection, Premature Ejaculation, Low sperm count and others. And these is the reason why their women are never satisfied with them. If you Don’t Last Long in Bed as a Man Please

3. Red wine
red wine
Having just one glass of red wine will help boost your sex life, as it helps release dopamine in your brain. This vital chemical is responsible for emotions like desire, and if you are suffering from low libido, wine can definitely come to your rescue. Click Here to Learn about the Natural solution that will help you last long in bed and also Get Bigger and Thicker Manhood.

4. Strawberries
Like fish, strawberries also contain a lot of zinc, which helps maintain healthy healthy testosterone levels in men. Women too can benefit from eating strawberries as zinc can help boost their libido. Also, eating strawberries can give you sustained levels of energy. Eat a handful if you want to last longer in bed. Here are the Reasons why Nigerian Women Cheat on their husband and why Using the Mascum Herbal pride is the best way to Last Longer in bed click here to learn more.

5. Eggs
Eggs are great for your sex life as they contain B vitamins that help release stress and balance hormone levels. Additionally, eggs also help meet your daily requirement of zinc which is a vital ingredient for a healthy sex life.

6. Carrots
You might have heard how eating carrots is good for your eye as it contains more than 200% of your daily requirement of Vitamin A. The same nutrient is good for your sex life too. Also, researchers have found that beta-carotene (a nutrient present inc carrots) can help boost sperm production and increase sperm motility by 6.5 to 8%.

7. Honey
Not only is honey delicious to taste, and a welcome addition to a lot of dishes, they are also extremely good for your sex life. Kama Sutra, one of the esteemed books on sexual health that has been read for centuries, recommends the use of honey for a healthy sex life. It contains natural sugars like fructose which boosts your stamina making you last longer! Look Here Man, Are You Are a One Minute Man? Do you cum within 1 Minute? Do You have Small Blokos? Chances are that your wife is already having an affair outside. Just pray she’s not doing it with your gateman who can get it up for her when she wants it. God forbid that your wife is having an affair with your gateman? Don’t worry, you are not alone I was once a 1 Minute who cant get it up for my lovely wife until I found these Unique Solution. Details Here With the solution, 1) Premature Ejaculation (lasting 1 Min bed) will be things of the past. 2) Weak Erection will out of your way for ever. 3) Low Libido will die a natural death. 4) Infertility will be story for the gods. 5) And you will finally rock Big Solid Erection with Big Anaconda BLOKOS.

Patience Ozokwo stars alongside her Son Uche Ozokwo in her first ever UK Nollywood film "Why Marry?".

It was produced by Visionary Bridget Benjamin and Directed by UK Nollywood pioneer Nelson Spyk.
The premiere held in London was the most expensive movie premiere at £100 (N54,000). The movie also featured Van Vicker, Princess Brun Njua, Suzi Oben, Labell Diamond, Mazi Obi, Goretti, Gift Boyo, Vera B and a host of other top UK stars.
The movie was a fantastic drama that sees Mama G in a great form as she reprised her role as the most brutal mother in-law in Nollywood history.